Washington Residents Impacted by Fraudulent Health Care Plans: Core Columbia is Here to Help

The Washington Health Benefits Exchange has become increasingly aware that there is a population of Washington residents impacted by the fraudulent health care plans: Simple Health, Aliera and Trinity. Clients may abruptly lose coverage in these plans, and/or may wish to seek out Minimum Essential Coverage through the Exchange. Because these fraudulent health care plans are not Minimal Essential Coverage (MEC), these individuals are not eligible for a Special Enrollment Period due to loss of coverage. Washington residents who have been impacted by a fraudulent health care plan may be eligible for a Special Enrollment Period due to Exceptional Circumstances.

If you or a family member has recently lost, or is set to lose, health insurance coverage, give us a call at (206) 258-6820, or send a quick email to us at info@corecolumbia.com. There are never fees to you (the consumer) for our services. We are always here with free expert advice, to listen to your unique situation and your needs, and enable you to weigh the pros and cons of every available option before making an informed decision in a timely manner.

Insurance companies are allowed to require proof of a customer’s qualifying life event. As mentioned above, these health care plans are not minimum essential coverage so the insurance company would be within their right to deny the special enrollment period and cancel the coverage. If you are attempting to enroll without the free assistance from one of our agents, do not attempt to open the Special Enrollment Period by reporting Loss of Other Coverage. When appropriate, Core Columbia Insurance submits enrollment information to Washington Healthplanfinder as due to Exceptional Circumstances. This qualifying life event is considered validated by the Exchange so insurance carriers do not request documentation for these.