California and Washington – Important 2019 Tax Filing Information

California and Washington clients must file 2019 taxes correctly to remain eligible for premium assistance in 2021. Your APTC (advanced premium tax credit) helps you save on your health insurance premiums. To keep your full tax credit, you’ll need two important forms when you file your return this year. If you have any questions on this form, or the process, give Core Columbia a call at 206-258-6820. We are always here for you with free assistance, and straight answers.

Use your 1095-A to file Form 8962 with your tax return. These two forms will determine the amount of your tax credit. If you file a paper return, you can get Form 8962 here. Using these two forms to file your taxes correctly and on time is very important! If you don’t, you may lose your tax credit, resulting in higher premiums. Don’t forget: the filing deadline for your taxes is April 15!

Do not hesitate to give Core Columbia a call at 206-258-6820 if you are missing your 1095-A. We are always here for you, and can quickly provide a copy for you at no charge.