Navigating Your Options re: Qualifying Life Events and COBRA

Are you losing your employer sponsored coverage, turning 26 and becoming ineligible to remain on your parents’ insurance, or losing your existing coverage in a divorce? These situations are all qualifying life events, which entitle you to a special enrollment period to select a new health insurance option. You will have many different options, from COBRA, to a subsidized or unsubsidized plan through your state’s health insurance marketplace, to no cost coverage through your state’s MediCaid expansion, depending on your situation. While there are no right or wrong answers on which choice to make going forward, a number of different variables can change what is likely to be the lowest cost option to suit your needs. The one constant is the importance of consulting an expert to discuss your unique situation, and the deadlines involved.  There are many deadlines and restrictions to be aware of, for example, there is a 60 day period after a qualifying event in which you are permitted to enroll in a marketplace or a COBRA plan, and you will become ineligible for a subsidized marketplace plan for a certain amount of time post COBRA enrollment. If you or a family member has recently lost, or is set to lose, health insurance coverage, give us a call at 619-259-6950, or send a quick email to us at There are never fees to you (the consumer) for our services. We are always here with free expert advice, to listen to your unique situation and your needs, and enable you to weigh the pros and cons of every available option before making an informed decision in a timely manner.